Todays Kerala Lottery Result

Todays Kerala lottery result

Kerala is the one beautiful state of India. This lottery programmed is established by the Kerala government. This lottery programmed was made in 1967. 

This Kerala lottery programmed was working by the department of the Kerala government. It is India’s first kind of program in the lottery.

The total 465 employees are working in their departments, the headquarters of this company is located in the Thiruvananthapuram, Vikas Bhavan . their full 14 offices are located on the district level and at Ernakulam, there s a regional deputy directorate.

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All the other lotteries were banned in the state of Kerala in 1967. Still, to overcome the solution of the lottery problem, they introduce a new lottery system named as Kerala lottery. The finance minister of the P.K Kunju sahib was set the first department of this Kerala lottery. 

The main objective of this company is to start a program to give employment to its population and also to the supplements of government finance.

The department becomes so popular in very little time and becomes an exemplary model for the other states of India. In less time, 

the other countries also make their lotteries for their own rules. 

For example, the lottery name is Kozhikode, lottery AK438, the first prize of this lottery is 70 lakh, and the second prize of it is five lakh, and the third prize is 1 lac. They also mention the draw date of the lottery and its expiry date too. 

It is very compulsory for those to get updated from the daily news of Kerala Lottery Result. And know what’s going on. You quickly search it on google by writing my Kerala lottery results today.

You can also check the Kerala lottery today’s results online. To do this, you have to do the following steps to check the online Kerala lottery results today.

Todays Kerala Lottery Result

  1. Open the GOOGLE
  2. Open the official website of Kerala on this GOOGLE.
  3. When the Kerala lottery page is open, click on the button” results.” 
  4. Once the results tab is open, write the Kerala lottery today’s results there.
  5. The Kerala lottery today’s results are open on the site.

Match your lottery number with the ticket number of the winner; if match, then you are lucky. Contact with the Kerala company online or through the agent to whom you buy the Kerala lottery ticket

The lottery has become a fashion nowadays; everyone buys lottery tickets and uses its money to fulfill their desires.

Hope! This article will help you in knowing about the Kerala lottery.

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